Left of Center: By Yukkione: Debunking Republican Foley Myths
Debunking Republican Foley Myths
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Time : 11:29 AM

A special Media Matters for America report: debunking the Foley myth machine Summary: The scandal surrounding the sexually explicit electronic communications former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) allegedly sent to underage former congressional pages -- and the House Republican leadership's alleged cover-up of Foley's behavior -- have produced a wave of misinformation. To aid members of the media in covering the scandal, Media Matters for America has compiled a list of the top myths, falsehoods, and baseless assertions surrounding the controversy.
Table of Contents
* Democrats and their allies orchestrated the Foley scandal as a political dirty trick
*Hastert did not learn about Foley's alleged behavior until September 29
* Alleged Foley emails that House Republicans possessed were merely "overly friendly"
* Foley scandal has not affected voters or Congressional races
* Hastert and the GOP leadership forced Foley to resign after they learned of the lurid instant messages
* Gay Men are More Likely Than Heterosexual Men to Sexually Abuse Children
* Kirk Fordham's Claim that Hastert's Office Told About Foley Before 2005 is Uncorroborated
* Hastert "Took Responsibility" for the Foley Scandal
* Conservative Evangelical Voters are Particularly Outraged by Foley Scandal
* Upon Learning of Emails, GOP Leadership or Rep. Shimkus Told Foley to End All Contact with Pages
* CREW Withheld Emails and Other Information From FBI, Congressional Leaders
* A "Velvet Mafia" on Capitol Hill Knew of Foley's Alleged Behavior and Protected Him from Public Exposure

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Comments for Debunking Republican Foley Myths
republicans are trying to place the blame of democrats? wow thats weird

wow- this is great- thanks for posting this.
(BTW I tried to answer your email- but earthlink is a mess, and will be most of the day due to Ohio Storms- Edward Hopper did a painting called Nighthawks-I still very much want to keep Venus as well...thank you so much for even being interested..)

yes sounds like they think the american public is ready to buy swamp land in florida...again

OMG Graem you should check out the blogs and forums on GOP and Townhall... These people are fucking nutz. The gay conspiracy theory is the talk of the "townhall".

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