Left of Center: By Yukkione: One Day for Darfur
One Day for Darfur
Thursday, October 05, 2006
Time : 8:45 AM

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Comments for One Day for Darfur
Wow, what a good idea. I hadn't heard about this. Thank you.

Yeah. Me too.

I think this idea can be applied to other "days" as well. I think it was well done, to show how it doesnt take as much as people think to do SOMETHING.

people think you have to be a hardcore activist to care- like its all or nothing. Not true, every little thing would be better than nothing. Thanks Shill.

It does show how little it could take from everyone. To bad the Pentagon doesnt have to have days like this and bake sales to get their funding.

The US is saving their 20 million for the victory in Iraq party. Think about it. On MSNBC this morning they broke that money down showing what you could buy for the troops with it.

Bake sale for bombs! Fucking unbelievable, these clowns.

Ooops...I came to the party late...but it is a good idea.

I wished that I heard about this sooner....What a great idea and a great video ..thanks...

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