Left of Center: By Yukkione: Weapon Testing on Americans
Weapon Testing on Americans
Friday, September 22, 2006
Time : 12:04 PM

I just read a great piece from my Friend Earl over at The Peace Train. Apparently the Pentagon is developing microwave and focused sound weapons. But, before they deploy them for use in places like Iraq, they want to test them on American civilians by letting law enforcment agencies use them on demonstrators. I guess the adminstrations definition of enemy has expanded, and that torture isnt just about getting information. Are you concerned yet?

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oh, and just so you know some of their toys have already been tested here....does anyone , or has anyone figured out that maybe we are living in a Police State ?....hmm, just thinking the Pengaon's Budget- that we even know of is bigger than any Budget that is taking care of The People....

Left: I also did a post about this on Sept 13th b/c as a pregnant woman, I was horrified to think that they would point these weapons into crowds of people and could aim it a pregnant women (OB/GYNs tell ya to not stand directly in front a microwave while pregnant, especially in first trimester, just in case the seal on the microwave door is not tight enough). In my post I examine how the "ray" coming off a microwave is merely 2.4 GHz. These "non-lethal" weapons operate at 95 GHz, and the weapon's beam causes pain w/in 2 to 3 secs and it becomes intolerable after less than 5 secs. What in the hell could that do a developing fetus?


very true Tina..it's abhorent to think that they would tyhink about using these weapons against civilians.

Terrorists, protestors, your either with Bush, or your against him and equally deserving of a blast of microwave emissions.

Oh hell, I've been concerned so long that it seems to have become a part of my life. I don't trust a gd one in this administration to do anything reasonable or humane. Seems the more religion gets into the act the crueler this country becomes.

Just listened to President Clinton on Meet the Press and realized I was crying when the interview was over. I felt like a little puppy who had fallen into the hands of a cruel owner and I could see my previous gentle owner but I had no way to get to him.

That may sound simplistic but it's just the way it felt.

In case it isn't obvious yet, the United States government and the major United States corporations are the terrorists. And the pigs are their personal servants to uphold the rich white male order. And they should remember this "those who make nonviolent revolution impossible,make violent revolution inevitable".

Citisucks said it right!

not surprising

Thanks Sumo and I have more to say too. The Denver pigs are being f*^%$ed in the ass my the corporate terrorist oil companies. The pigs who take 3 hours to respond to calls about cherry bombs being set of where children are playing are hanging out in Washington Park pulling over cyclists for speeding as they dodge the idiots driving SUV's. But wait it isn't just cyclists that the pigs consider a major danger-no, no, no, the pigs are also pulling over speeding rollerbladers. You might think this is something out of the onion. I wish, it a true story. The pigs and the corporate terrorists are f*&^ing each other in the ass hard.

Citisucks has quite the way with words, eh?

This is disgusting, and I think Tina raises a good point and I am going to go read her post. That horrifies me, I am not sure why these things come as any shock though.

I guess I am thinking that when they seem normal I am really off the deep end...

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