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Press for truth
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Time : 10:38 AM

I just finished watching the movie Press for truth...Shortly after 9/11 four women came together because they had questions about why their family members had died in the attack. Prior, these women had little in common. One was a Democrat, One was an independent, and two were Republicans. They spent thousands of hours researching and reading everything they could about the lead up to the attack, and actions taken after. About the same time, another man started collection news items about 9/11. He began to create a time line on his internet site. A time line that took thousands of stories that when viewed separately may seem inoculous enough. But when put into a true historical perspective on a time line, portrays the true picture of what really happened. This movie is about these two groups. There is no “tinfoil hat stuff”, there are no conspiracy theory's. This is about what is documented. When put together as is done here the result is powerful and compelling. I urge you to watch this movie. I've seen all the conspiracy movies, and the one done by popular science. This is nothing like those. Please watch it. Home website for the movie can be found here.

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Comments for Press for truth
I'll try to get to it. I have 9-11 burnout. That probably sounds obnoxious.

But its true.

This sounds like what ABC should have put on instead...

thanks for the greta link..will make sure i either get it or watch it on netflix...i need to check and see if they have it first...

great info!!


I watched it the other night, actually right after watching Chimpy McClusterfuck's Sept 11th whoring address to the nation.
Good on the Jersey Girls for having the balls to sticking this out and seeing it thru for the sake of their dead ones.

ABC pandered to the right wing lunatics who run the west wing; the revisionists who see nothing valuable as having come from any previous presidency. what fucking arrogance!

I'll check netflix too.

Where is shillkin, where is shillkin

Here I am! Here I am!

sweet. thanks for the link dude

Just remember this: This years truth is last years tin foil. Tin Foil is simply used to hide evidence.

Yup the absolute bullshit channel is bull of it. The problem is so is every other channel. The worst of it is the corporate terrorist lies called commericials that fund the corporate terrorists in power.

I think I'm past overt conspiracy. I firmly beleive the crime here was one of omission. They needed a catalyst, they knew an attack was inevitable. They waited and listened. When it was coming they sat back in anticipation. Here was their Reichstag. The camer is on Bush in a small class room. Many think he is paralized with indecision. I believe he was paralized by the realization that a sinister plan was about to be put in motion. And that he would play the rube for his neocon masters.. MUHAHAHAHAHHA!

I am beginning to agree with you LOC. Seems they didn't try hard enough to prevent it and now they are paranoid not that we'll be hit again, but that someone will figure this out.

Yes- I agree that there was a failure to act and many things wrong such as not shotting them down. But I dont think our gov blew up the tower with explosives as many do.

our government didnt need to , they only had to wait.

And now that it is getting out that Bin-Laden is actually dead, be prepared for the Hollywood sequel staring another similar looking person with a similar sounding name.

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