Left of Center: By Yukkione: The REAL Crime in the Whitehouse
The REAL Crime in the Whitehouse
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Time : 1:28 AM

Greg Palast has written a really great piece that makes the mainstream media look like a bunch of nit wits, (not hard to do) and cuts right to the bone of what crimes the Bush Administration is really guilty of. While the press scurries around quibbling about dates and and what pig vomit Scott McClellan said. Palast says that the whole grand jury and everything is a sham engineered by the Whitehouse. Please read Gregs article, and see for yourself.

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this was fantastic from robert fisk on democracy now on friday...

...we see everything being sourced and re-sourced back to American officials, as if the U.S. administration is the center of world truth. I’ll give you an example. I was actually doing the book tour in Los Angeles, picked up my morning L.A. Times. Here’s a story about Zarqawi, who may or may not exist, of course. “U.S. authorities say,” “U.S. officials said,” “Said one Justice Department counterterrorism official,” “U.S. authorities say,” “officials said,” “U.S. officials said.” It turns to page B-10. It gets worse and worse. Look. “Several U.S. officials said,” “those officials said,” “U.S. officials confirmed”—stop me when you want—“American officials complained,” “U.S. officials stressed,” “U.S. authorities believe,” “Said one U.S. senior intelligence official,” “U.S. officials said,” “Jordanian officials said”—Amy, see, there’s a slight difference here—“Several U.S. officials said,” “U.S. officials said,” “U.S. officials say,” “say U.S. officials,” “U.S. officials said,” “The American officials said,” “One U.S. counterterrorism official said.” Welcome to American journalism today in Iraq. This is what’s wrong.

My only question is it really the low level people in the media? It has to be the editors, producers and the people above them that squash pieces unfavorable to their corporate brethern.

Sometimes I think the media doesn't want to be bothered by getting into the real meat of a story. They like to just report but not delve.

dem candidate:"I knew Walter Cronkite. Walter Conkite was an honorable intelligent reporter. Mainstream news, you are no Walter Cronkite."

I agree with Mike- great point about sources, it really irks me but is indicative as so many things are of our culture of NO accountability.

Thanks Michael, that is so true. Sad there is little independance in the news media.

whelp...the LOC got it right.....pig vomit...and then the tub thumper brought it home...I would seriously die without Democracy Now...( too bad some MSM wouldn't run it at 6pm and Change WHAT Americans are spoonfed every night)...We lost MSM years ago...and America has been dumbed down..how low ??? I don't even want to know...

Palast's piece is great as usual. I was particularly struck by his shining a bright light on the immorality of leaving Judith Miller in the joint, w making his misleading statement, while the gj was doing its work ... you have to bring these things onto the same page ... connect the dots as it were ... for the stink to rise ... as pointed out ... things the mainstream media is too lame, too bought and paid for, or too pandering to do for the most part ... but then a lot of main stream media consumers would probably not have the attention span to get through even this short piece by Palast ...

Gotta love Palast. Hope you feel better soon LOC.

Sing it loud! Clap and thunder!
O! Let the words pour forth!
"You have the right..."
Warble! Smack them asunder!
"...to remain silent."

he never fails to write great articles

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