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Lazy Posting
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Time : 1:05 AM

My Posts have sucked the last few days. I really messed up my back last Friday, and cannot really concentrate or sit for more than a few minutes. I'm on some serious pain killers and muscle relaxers. If I'm usually reading your blogs, then I'll be back as soon as I can. I have so many I try to read everyday but just can't concentrate right now. So bear with me and hopefully I'll be back in shape soon. I've been through this before. Part of the sproblem in having a spine, is that sometimes it gets messed up.

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Sooooo sorry to hear this...I have broken my lower back twice...ouch... it just is never the same once you've tweaked it. Get better soon! Yay... pain pills...

damn! i am so very sorry. there is NOTHING worse than back (or tooth) pain.

please take good care and be well. i'll light a healing candle for you too - just in case. it won't hurt!

Aw! Thats miserable. Actually I hadn't noticed any pervasive sucki-ness. I'm easy to please.

Dude, we must be connected by some cosmic deal. I did something funky to my right arm last Friday. Whatever I did messed up a muscle in my back. So for the past few days I have been using the mouse of the computer as little as possible because it hurts so much to move my right hand. Forget using my left hand for that because I tried and the cursor goes wild with my efforts.
I can't take muscle relaxers because they make me goofy.

Hang in there and we will surely be here when you feel like writing again. Like Elizabeth, I hadn't noticed any suckiness at all.

Take care :)

Ouch. Take care and get well soon. You're badly needed.

Though I agree with EB that I hadn't noticed any sucky posts...

Thanks for the warm thoughts. I really appreciate those that take a momnet to stop by.

Hope you feel better. Be careful with the pain pills (especially if they are opiates). Big corporate terrorist pharma doesn't want you to know how addictive they are and how bad the withdrawals from them are.

feel better man ... pain sucks ... I'm on "light duty" myself for a couple days because of whacking my hand on the job ... but it ain't nothing like a back problem ... you only have one back ... so ... anyhoo ... take care

Sorry to hear of your back problem, I've had the same thing. Get ready for a lifetime of back agony, as sometimes it takes just alittle misstep to injure it all over again. Enjoy the pain pills and muscle relaxers, just not too much.

I had some pretty awful back problems about a year and a half ago, and I've been managing things (after the delightful muscle relaxants ran out) with a morning regimen of stretching--this book is a great resource for exercises for just about any affected area.

thanks Agen, I'll see about ordering it. I've had problems for aver 10 years. omce in awhile it just gets really bad. I'm getting a MRI in the next few days.

An MRI? Hope your not claustropohobic! A friend at work is having problems with her back as well, going to have an MRI and everything. Her problem has been diagnosed as arthritis.

Arthritis.. OI! I have rumatoid factor in my bloodtest but none of the symptoms. I've had the damned back problems for at least 15 years. This would be the first mri though. Feeling abit better tonight, but then again I'm on all those meds.

Yea, take care of that. Back problems can really mess a person up. I hope you feel better soon!

I hadn't noticed any suckiness in the posts either.

Ouch. Hot baths and a heating pad may help relax your muscles too, so they don't stay stiff and start to shorten up adding to your pain. Physical therapy might help later on—lots of stretching exercises? The MRI machine can be intimidating. But MRI images are really fun to look at.

Price of being bi-pedal is back problems. Oh well.

Hope you feel better LOC!

Sorry to hear about your back, pal.
Of all the things on the body that can hurt, the back has to be the worst.

I had a herniated disc removed and spinal fusion done in 1979. The disc was starting to cut into the sciatic nerve on the right side of my back. Still have trouble now and then, but would be in a wheelchair now if I wouldn't have had it done.

Hang in there, buddy, I'm thinkin' about ya.

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