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Good News, Bad News
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Time : 10:21 AM

There are over 45 million Americans without health Insurance. Many that have insurance are not very well covered and are unlikely to get some services when they need them, which brings me to my topic: Medical testing. Today we have made huge strides in medical testing. We have decoded the entire human genome and have begun deciphering the meaning of each gene that makes us tick. The Beauty of this is that we can also find defective genes, and genes that are passed down from generation to generation. We can do a test to determine if a cancer is treatable and whether it has a chance of reoccurring. (read more about new testing methods) But there is a problem here. We are familiar with tests for high cholesterol, and other common illnesses. These test may run as little as a few dollars. New genetic testing however may run over $3000. Some insurance companies may not want to pay for this type of testing, and people without insurance certainly will not opt to get these tests. More and more we are becoming a country where the wealthy can buy their way to better health, while the poor take whatever they can get at hospital emergency rooms. Studies recently indicate that those that have no insurance are actually billed more than insured patience during hospital stays. This is because they have no group bargaining power, and will be taken to court should they default on payments. I foresee hospitals using these expensive tests on the uninsured as a way to make a buck, even when these tests may not be fully warranted. Remember also that our wonderful Congress and President passed a law that makes filing for bankruptcy harder. A large portion of people that file for bankruptcy are for medical reasons.

I think that the progress we have made in science and medicine is wonderful. I also think that it's a shame that socially, we are so far behind counties that treat all it's citizens to top notch medical treatment. So as we go forward we will see an ever increasing number of bankruptcies filed, more middle class families slipping into poverty, and more millionaires in the pharmaceutical and medical testing business.

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Yes, I think its a shame that we are so 'advanced" yet also rate so poorly on many indicators of quality of life: expectancy, infant mortality, literacy, etc.

Hope you are feeling better LOC!!!

your right EB. I am feeling better, I think. I really believe that a society is only as good as how it treats its poorest members.

" I really believe that a society is only as good as how it treats its poorest members.".... I absolutely agree w/that statement. And if the freepers really practiced what they love to preach, they would feel the same way. The Bible discusses how God wants us to take care of the poor like 500 times in the Bible. It only mentions homosexuality like 2 times and abortion 0 times (and please note that Jesus Himself said zero about homosexuality and abortion yet said more than enough the poor), yet which issues are rammed down our throats a gazillion times?

I think it the GOP grand plan to have the poor and middle class wither up and die. That way it will be a smaller and more desperate class who will beg, barter, and plead to get scraps from the wealthy elites... Carpetbagger society makes stunning return!

High medical costs are a form of social engineering. The poor (weaker) genes cannot afford the medical test they need to survive, while the rich (stronger ) genes thrive because they can afford all the medical care they need. Someday, they'll isolate the rich gene and keep it all for themselves.

a subject close to my heart l o c. i won't foam at the mouth here (plus it's too early). i just wanted to chime in and say glad to see you back and i hope you feel at least a BIT better

Our country has it's values lodged firmly in it's ass. Like Rose, I could go off on this subject for a very long time.

I'm so glad to see that you are feeling better. Made my day to know you're okay again. :)

I just got back from another doctors appointment. A change in my meds, and working to get the MRI. CoPay $10. Which is ok.. My insurance is great but quite expensive. The costs of it eats up alot of the money I wish we could be saving. Today The took 6 tubes of blood to test. I cant imagine the costs of all those tests. I really cant imagine not being insured.

It all comes down to priorities. If providing health care was a priority, we'd be on our way to having it. One of the reasons Dean will always be a hero to me is because he made sure everyone under 18 in his state was covered.

I agree with most of what you say, but I would like to expand on one thing. I think it the GOP grand plan to have the poor and middle class wither up and die.

I used to think it was just the GOP, but eventually I realized it is all the rich selfish corporate terrorists in Congress. The only party oppossed to the plans of the corporate terrorists in power is the Green Party. Why don't Democrats take up health care/poverty issues, when they are such winning issues? Because they are part of the conspiracy to steal from the poor (formerly known as the middle class) or there own selfish greed and that of the 1 (supposedly 2) good old boy's clubs.

I could really care less about scientfic discoveries. They are useless to me and will let the sick greedy corporate terrorists live longer and increase their changes of killing the rest of us through starvation, lack of health care etc. There is a reason that the corporate terrorists in Congress fund research, but not health care.

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