Left of Center: By Yukkione: The Pill Cutters
The Pill Cutters
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Time : 6:52 PM

Senior citizens, who make choices between medicine or shelter often cut pills in half to make them go further. Their health suffers as a result. Diabetic elderly patients are having record numbers of amputaions as a result of a lack of medication. Our elderly deserve better than the Bush administration and the GOP.

Van Gogh: potato eaters

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Comments for The Pill Cutters
I forgive you for choosing "Hurt" at Neil's. But beg you to explain it. :)

The implications on public health with this mess are tragic. It was bad before. Good vibe going, here, at LOC.

Yes! "Let Them Eat Potatoes!" "Hey, wait a minute! Don't we at least get cake?"

yup...Middle Ages Medicine will make a resurge at this rate....Rusty Hack saws and Leaches....I had a meeting with a living on the edge vet this week that I am going to blog on later..but it was all about the effed up Medicare system....thanks for posting on this LOC....

and yeah, I am back...bloggers and my son talked some sense into me...we have to keep fighting back...have to...

( and yeah, Neil where is the damn cake- oh that's right we don't even have stale rotted half baked cake here....)

I have thought more about this medicare issue- maybe it is just like Katrina-ing them....let them die ? don't even bother to medicate them?

Thats a scary thing to consider, E4E.

lily : thanks. as to hurt..I guess it doesnt realate to most people so no big deal. :)
Neil: I got your cake! lol
E4e: you're right, i high mortsality rate amoung seniors is good for the bottom line.

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