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Something to lose
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Time : 3:13 PM

Here is a wonderful gallery of underwater pictures. However, These pictures are only intended to illustrate what can be lost if we are not careful with the way we live in this world. While It's true that the worlds climate changes over the millennium, we are without a doubt contributing to changes in this last century. From third world countries trying to catch up, and in so doing so, not spending money to prevent pollution, to countries like the US that use an overwhelming amount of the worlds resources, and my sheer volume contribute immensely to pollution and global warming. Our progress is folly though. As the Earth's climate changes, species are lost. Raising the temperature of the ocean by one degree has serious ramifications. The” big conveyor” that is the Gulf Stream, could stop altogether. Most of Europe would be put into a virtual ice age. This may happen in our lifetime.We can't harm the earth,it will exist far beyond the events of humanity. The ecology of the planet is another thing, without a livable environment, we and the systems we need to sustain life will cease to exist.

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Comments for Something to lose
With the Bush administration it is a battle between corporate profit and the environment. They really aren't willing to compromise either. Instead they give business the green light to pollute & develop. Then they lie to us and tell us that they can develop while not harming the environment.

It is scary that even with the knowledge that we are consuming such a disproportionate amount of the earth's resources, overall we aren't changing. The American ideal of independence seems to have morphed into an extreme case of self indulgence. A society based on "I can have anything I want, anytime I want, no matter how wasteful it is and DON'T even think of trying to stop me".

It IS strange to think this is occurring during our lifetimes. Boy, would there ever be some refugee problems then, huh?

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