Left of Center: By Yukkione: View full Bin laden transcript
View full Bin laden transcript
Thursday, January 19, 2006
Time : 5:57 PM

You can read it here. Comments are appreciated.

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saw it ...read it...and ain't amazing that the King is offered a Truce ? seems like these tapes always appear when the King needs us to be distracted from something? I just wonder what ?....

oh, that's right we are susposed to be real scared and terrafied and forget that the Chickenshit Cowboy has been spying on us....that's right....

is there something wrong with me ?..I am more scared of what Bush will do next ....

Bin laden is not crazy. His beliefs are scary and just plain wrong, but to think of him as a crazed madman only plays into his hands

Bottom line is that Bush is the most incompetent boob in the world. Four years and he can't catch this guy? Bullshit. The only reason this asshole is alive to annoy us is so they can keep their bogeyman alive so they can keep the war going so they can maintain power so they can fuck everything up.

Ever wonder when exactly Bin Laden stopped working for the cia? Ever wonder how building 7 of the WT imploded in perfect fashion even though it had not been hit?'%20Grand%20Jury/

Also show me ONE picture of the Pentagon, that shows ANY airplane debris.

he does have a suspiscious sense of timing doesn't he?

I don't know how it is I'm just finding this blog since we frequent the same circles but wow.

As for Osama, WTF does it matter? After all, he's just like Michael Moore.

Meme of the day -- make Matthews pay.

nice of you to visit Libby, and nice link.

The pleasure is mine. I'll be back again.

Killer photo links btw. I'm knocked out by Ashes and Snow.

LOC- boy you and I could talk some time- like hours about 911, the pentagon- the vidoe of the HOLE in the building- and yeah, show me some plane debris...and building 7....and have you read the 911 Commission Report- there is some interesting info in there- esp. Rummy missing for over an hour that am??? and oh, just stop me....

Bin Laden may be "bad", but who trained him and learned him right...
the Irony.....

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