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Ali G says
Monday, January 16, 2006
Time : 10:16 PM

Tonight on Larry King live Al Gonzalez said that an independent counsel to look into domestic surveillance is unneeded. He says that because lawyers in the DOJ, and the administration looked at the issue and found no problems. There is no need to look further.

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Comments for Ali G says
I wanted to throw the remote at LK tonight...

"We already looked into that, Larry...for about five minutes! HOHOHOHOHOHO!!!"

yea, Larry should stick to celebrity interviews. His hard hitting ,and clever questions are right up there with Wolf Blitzers.

He is about as hardhitting as a wet sponge on an old caddy....I have seen old men trim toenails with more precision and better vision and less carnage...I would not let him interview my deaf dog....okay I have ranted..b ut seriously can anyone tell me why OH WHY Larry is still on with his two brain cells and Arron was sent packing???? ( oh CNN must have been so thrilled to Scoop Fox on getting Gonzo on their show....)

Lilly don't throw the remote- you need it...
MARSHMALLOWS...TRY THEM ,,,they make a nice kathump and sometimes they even stick and hang on the screen....lovely decorative touch for Larry....( see all the construcitve skills I perfected when I took my break..if only there was an Olympic event for this kind of skill)
and LOC what a Lovely photo of Loungey Larry....oh, what a looker...( maalox or tums anyone?)

imagine someone had evidence a bank robber had robbed a particular bank and then he turned round and said 'its ok, i asked myself if i did it and it turns out i didn't so it is all fine"

Enigma, you just gave me a new diversion while watching CNN...

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