Left of Center: By Yukkione: Sopranos Episode 6
Sopranos Episode 6
Sunday, April 16, 2006
Time : 10:01 PM

Spoilers in Comments

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Comments for Sopranos Episode 6
Live free or Die, boy Vito really thought about that. Glad he didnt off himself.Funny scene when the road contruction guy found his phone as Tony was calling.iaihsr

told ya vito was still among us!

do you know what finnochio (italian slang for gay man) means by the way (i do i'm just giving you a test)?

i was SHOCKED carm voted for king george.

I wasnt shocked she voted for Bush. Think Vito will try to live in that town. Seems he's getting a good Vibe there.

Well no Soprano feedback from me, but I've been away and wanted to check in and say hello!

Hope you're feeling better these days. I took a loooong weekend without the damned computer.

I hope it was nice having a long PC free wekend. Thanks, I am feeling much better.

PC= political correctness?????

I would like a long weekend without that.

Maybe he'll buy the antique shop hoping he'll not be found in that little town. Apparently he has an eye for urns.

someone is eventually going to find him in new hampshire. not sure yet if they'll whack him or not though

you PC? hmm I think you fight it pretty hard. hehe But I think PC is at it'sd core just being fair to people but it is our fringe element that made it ridiculous. I think Vito might get a job at the antique shop and just lay low.

First of all, Carmella voting for Bush is about as shocking as Vito feeling at home in an antiques store.

I didn't think the entire episode would be about the v-man. Sometimes David Chase likes to introduce a crazy, thick plot...then he doesn't even talk about it for an episode or two.

Anyway, the scene with Meadow lying in bed, smoking weed, etc...could she be any hotter? I think not.

I agree, LOC. When it gets ridiculous, or it hampers discussion because people are so worried about talking about the truth. I'm not talking about racism, sexism, etc I am not talking about the flagrant use of hate speech or demeaning language..I'm talking about fearful speech. Example: I was talking to somebody about prayer in public school and she gets into the predictable 'why do liberals hate God" thing. Sometimes people hesitate to talk about the erosion of civil liberties because they don't want to be accused of hating god...that kind of PC, where discussion itself is demonized and people's views are so often mischaracterized that one feels inclined to stop bothering!

I had someone make a similar statement about liberals hating god. it to was related to prayer in schools. I said " Have you ever prayed before you took a test? Did anyone stop you?" Liberals don't hate god. I think people should be able to engage in magical thinking and partake in mythological practices anytime they want.. in private, and without interference of or by others.

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