Left of Center: By Yukkione: Rumsfeld and Torture
Rumsfeld and Torture
Friday, April 14, 2006
Time : 4:48 PM

According to Salon, Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld knew much more about the day to day interrogations and techniques than he admitted to. Poor Rummy... the Generals are out to get him, and he supports torture. Time for Bush to just let him go. He needs to enjoy his last few years before he gets the daily pineapple in hell. Read more here.

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Comments for Rumsfeld and Torture
Isn't it odd that in America it's the military that's the voice of moderation and the civilian leaders who are the voice of unilateral power and militarism? Scary, but reassuring at the same time

and holy shit! bush is already stubbornly standing up for rummy ... what's rummy got on w?

Rummy knows things, things a replacment wouldnt be clued in on.

at this point rummy could rape a child on the whitehouse lawn and bush would back him

..or bite the head off a kitten on live television.

(I know i didn't come up with the Kitten Bitin' Republican phrase, but I still love it.

The only thing scarier than Bush keeping Dumsfeld is who he would replace him with.

That guy sure has a hairy back...oh... and Happy Easter LOC!

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