Left of Center: By Yukkione: From Watergate to Iraqgate
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Time : 10:51 PM

Vanity Fair contributing editor CARL BERNSTEIN has written the definitive argument for a Bipartisan investigation into the Bush Whitehouse. This is a MUST read. People with A.D.D (like me) are warned.. this is a long but very high powered piece. Please get a glass of water, then read it here.

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Only the future will know how THIS will turn out. I hope I don't have to die first before finding out what we all know to be true. It would be such a sweet Christmas gift to the left.

White Water was the Democrats payback for Watergate. With that behind them we should be under no illusion the Republicans would ever allow any kind of impeachment proceedings to be brought against Bush or any other Republican president.

As to this, yep it is a long read will have to come back to this tomorrow.

Never happen. Too logical.

Thanks LOC, will read it. Did you see him last night with Olberman?

LOL I think alot of us have A.D.D.

One of the best posts I have seen in ages on this. I will also post the link and commentary, and I urge other bloggers to do the same. Carl Bernstein, 30 years later..still kicking ass and taking names..and doing it eloquently. Thanks Lefty, great job.

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