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Judge Alito
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Time : 10:50 AM

Having been in sales most of my adult life, I would say I'm pretty good at sizing people quickly and accurately. Ones looks at a persons body language, hears the timbre of the voice. The choice of words and how they listen. Where they look when they think, and speak. Having watched the initial Alito hearing, and now the morning of the first day of questions, I feel confident that Judge Alito will be a good jurist on the Supreme Court. Yes he is conservative, and may when given leeway rule in a conservative manner. But I believe that on the whole he will be a honest jurist who will follow the guidelines of stare decisis. I think he should be confirmed quickly so that we can move on to issues that will make an immediate difference. Issues such as domestic spying, the leaking of CIA agent identity, and the war in Iraq. We need to pick our battles and when we do we need to attack them fiercely and without hesitation. The appointment of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court is not an issue we should oppose.

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I'd like to see him rejected so I could see what Bush's third choice would be. If Harriet & Sam were the best two he could come up with, I'm real curious about the third.

Neil, that is so true. hehe Nothin' up my sleeve.. Presto! But so much energy to expend to reject him.

You may be right LOC. I am still concerned about whether he might be just the guy to tip the scales on a whole raft of radical right wing wish list items, including Bush's agenda of coronating himself King. Would Alito uphold the theory that in wartime a president can ignore the Constitution and essentially rewrite it to suit himself -- wiretap, read email, arrest and hold citizens without a warrant, hold them without charges, torture if he feels like it, all that. The question is, will Alito place a Supreme stamp of approval on that behavior?

I think it's worth the energy to reject him. Why settle for seconds when you can have thirds?

One reason i don't think Dems should make an issue of Alito is that by rejecting him they seem to many "middle of the road" Americans as obstructionist, and as being petty. Alito did say that war time does not make a president above the Constitution. many of the reason being given to not appoint him are from the days he worked as an advocate, not a judge. I beleive he will actually rule more as a centrist than an Arch Conservivtive.

I beg to differ, LOC. I think one of the more telling matters was when he did not make a distinction for exceptions on abortion, and the fact that he does not consider it to be 'settled law', which we knew would be his view. But to some (many) on the left reproductive liberty IS a right and that is one of many examples of where the Dems part ways on Alito. There are many more-not that it does a whole lot of good.
I will concede this: given that we were going to be stuck with a right wing judge no matter what, I think Alito over time will prove to be far better than some of the alternatives.
Yes, his confirmation is inevitable and largely a done deal, it perhaps seems senseless to object at this point. But if the dems had ssaid nothing, they would have been accused-as usual-of being, well, kittens.
See the public rages that the dems don't do anything but then they accuse them of being petty or 'obstructionist' when they try. What is so terrible about debate or voicing some dissent among the herds of group-thinking republicrats????Wasn't the point of the hearing to ask questions. as opposed to the sickening praise and spin marathon????
Thats it- you get my boot. :)

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