Left of Center: By Yukkione: It's about money stupid!
It's about money stupid!
Saturday, December 31, 2005
Time : 9:08 AM

Oh what a tangled web we weave.....I found this on The Smoking gun. I came across it while following some leads on the US govements Rendition policy and claims of torture. A former Uzbekistan Ambassador of the British Government named Craig Murry claims proof of torture under American direction and for American profit. Amassador Murry was releived of his post and threatened with concocted accusations if he did not cease and desist his whistle blowing. You see, it really IS about oil. From the oil deal in Uzbekistan to the pipelines in Afghanistan, and the oil fields in Iraq. You see, China is starting to beat us. The only thing that holds them back is energy. They are in the 20th year of a 50 year plan to be the super power in the world. We can't even plan past watching the next episode of Survivor. Given China's recent deals with Canada, and Venezualia, the pressure to secure more oil for the US grows stronger every day. It aint about freedom and democracy folks.
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The oil party is coming to an end. And when the party is really over, things are likely to get really ugly.

well well, I wonder if this Little Gem will come out when the trial starts in 2 weeks?? ...and tomorrow at 3:30 Aramoff has a date with Destiny....can you add little post sends so I can send /email your blog posts to others ( to share..) would you mind?
thanks, enigma

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