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Grease Monkeys
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Time : 9:10 AM

Michael, over at Thumping the Tub, has written quite a nice post on his blog about some of the naughty stuff that is associated with the oil business. This is an issue I'm quite attuned to, and I find this info to be important for all. You see, oil is a finite recourse, and by many estimates we only have about 40 year left at current availability. This means that more people and nations will be clamoring for it. China is dead set to find long term partners to supply it's growing energy needs. Is war in the future? One thing that people just don't seem to grasp is that oil is used for much more than filling the tanks of wasteful SUVs. We use it for plastics, medicines, fertilizer, and lubricants. I find it appalling that people choose to drive these rolling tributes to their egos, knowing full well that people are dieing for the oil they burn so happily. The facts are that SUV's are wasteful, and are not as safe as people assume they are. They roll over easily, and of course their large mass assures death to the other guy if there is an accident. Fact is, that we are in Iraq for the oil.. Over 2000 Americans, and by many accounts, over 100,000 Iraqi's have died as a result of our war. Think about this next time you buy a vehicle.

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