Left of Center: By Yukkione: Hundreds Die at the Hajj
Hundreds Die at the Hajj
Friday, January 13, 2006
Time : 10:21 AM

This event is Dawinian theory on a grand scale. To bad American evangelicals dont' have these kind of events.

" so call me evil, I know alot of you were thinking the same thing."

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Comments for Hundreds Die at the Hajj
it has happened several times over the years at the same event. they said they are going to do something to try and prevent it from happening again but when you shove more than 2 million people into a very small space then all kinds of shit can happen

Your right Michael it has happened before. I wasn't sure if I should make this post as I did. I generally value human life, and hate to see innocent people die or suffer. Having said that I have little sympathy for religious zealots of any flavor engaging in barbaric rituals designed to appease a god that either doesn't exist,doesn't give a flip, or is off exerting it's will on some other poor slobs elsewhere in the universe. The Muslims should adopt safer religious practices like the Christian have. Something like umm... ritualized cannibalism.

Obiously those folks should stop throwing stones at the Devil. Bad things seem to happen...

Does your Darwinian theory apply to Lallapalooza???? :)
True, tubthumper. Just ask folks at the tunnel going into New York.
It has happened and one wonders why they don't do more about it..
-generally on matters of religion, I say 'live and let live' or in this case, take your chances. None of my business. Eat each other, eat wafers, whatever.
LOC, I've seen your comments around which is remarkable given the amount of blogs, yet I run into many familiar 'faces' for lack of a better word,some are dogs or cats or plastic action figures.... As yours is one I often agree with, I will try to check in.

lallapalooza yes. lol and I've even been to acouple in my day. I intended my comment to be on the harsh side to see what form, if any comments will take. I strongly believe in diversity of all types, but I do stray far from being a so called bleeeding heart liberal. Thanks for stopping by Lily, and I hope to read more of your thought provoking commentary. BTW I do feel an affinity toward you as my oldest and favorite cat is named Lily. hehe

Well I once saw Drew Barrymore at Lallapalooza..through the tall, tall fence. That was Randall's Island.
Yes, I figured your post was a bit provocative but I was not inclined to take the bait!!
So many people tell me they have cats named lily... thats cool as hell.
Of course my name is not really Lily so I only care a tiny bit...If I really wanted props from the pet world I suppose I could call myself "Fido".

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