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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
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The name of the painting is Guenica, it was painted my Pablo Piccaso for exhibition in the 1937 World Fair. You've probably seen this painting before, but do you know what inspired it? It's about the German bombing of a sleepy little Italian village for three days that killed over 1600 civilians. It wasn't about rooting out military units hidden within the town, but the wholesale slaughter of everyone who lived there.
2004: Fallujah (as taken from Wikipedia) [In a highly publicized attack on March 31, 2004, four private military contractors from the U.S. company Blackwater USA were dragged from their vehicle and killed. Their bodies were then mutilated and burned. A crowd of militants and townsfolk, estimated to number over a thousand, beat and dragged the burnt corpses behind automobiles, then hanged the dismembered remains from the girders of Fallujah's bridge over the Euphrates River. These acts were videotaped by journalists and broadcast worldwide. This led to a failed US attempt to recapture control of the city in Operation Vigilant Resolve, a siege of the city called Operation Plymouth Rock and a successful recapture of the city, resulting in the death of over 1,000 insurgent fighters, in November 2004 called Operation Phantom Fury. ] The last part is quite sanitized. While they claim 1,000 insurgent deaths, most of the dead were actually civilians.. women, children. Eye witnesses told of a soccer field that was filled with the dead. Pictures and film footage of the events in Falljah are rare as most of the embedded reporters had their materials destroyed and confiscated by US commanders. After the Vietnam war the use of Napalm: a highly flammable gel that was used to bomb large areas with fire, was banned as an unethical tool of war. As if there is such a thing. Napalm was banned for the same reasons chemical and biological warfare are banned. Because the use of it produces results that are to horrific for civilized peoples to accept. Enter Willy Pete... white phosphorous. Reports have since come out that in the destroying of Fallujah American troops used white phosphorous, to indiscriminately bomb areas of the city, and burn up all the individuals that reside there. Reports of people burning from the inside out, there clothes not even being singed emerged. The fire consumed all it encountered. The true death count is unknown as per the US cover up. This is a rather old story. But when it was originaly reported, the news media was still affected by Bush's shroud of deceit. To read more in depth about his event and the effects of WP on people please check here. Thank you michael the tubthumper .

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great article about the WP stuff here...


Thank you Michael, I'll amend my blog with this invaluable information.

no problem. monbiot is an excellent journalist. his books are good too.

never been here before today and you had mentioned me yesterday - how weird is that!? just linking you now

Don't know what to believe about this. But it stuck us as odd that the name was Plymouth Rock - That sounds like the kind of name a leftish filmmaker would have chosen as a critique, only to be lampooned about it in the press as being too over-the-top and unsubtle in it irony. Speaking of unsubtle, we just posted about Kristol. You may think he is more subtle than Bush. Don't be too sure. Just for laughs.

And then they put up the barriers and didn't let anyone back in without fingerprints and iris scans.

It was truly a horror.


I'm sure there are Iraqi artists who have painted their own 'Fallujah's.

The evidence on that link appears to be pretty solid, and a few weeks ago the MSM even picked it up and rand with it for a couple of days.

But of course the American attention span being what it is, it was dropped and fell into the memory hole.

Guernica is a perfect illustration for what is happening in Iraq. I understand today the CIA killed some Al Qaeda muckymuck Al Zawahiri with an air strike in Afghanistan. But according to reports, they wasted a few civilians, including women and children in the process. Such is the price of bringing democracy to the heathen.

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