Left of Center: By Yukkione: A Whitehouse sinking.........
A Whitehouse sinking.........
Thursday, December 29, 2005
Time : 9:55 PM

I recently read a slightly dated piece written by Matt Taibbi from Dec, 15, 2005. Mr. Taibbi covers the President and Whitehouse for RollingStone. The interesting thing about what he has to say isn't about the actual events, or press conferences he's attended, but the manner and mood. To me, he speaks of these orchestrated Whitehouse events as if one was watching a bad liar telling a whopper over and over. Here are a few excerpts and a link.

" In the Obey Your Thirst/Image Is Everything era of American politics, Bush's National Victory campaign is a creepy innovation. It features the president thumping a document -- the "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq" -- that was largely written not by diplomats or generals but by a pair of academics from Duke University named Peter Feaver and Christopher Gelpi. Essentially a PR document, the paper is basically a living political experiment, designed to prove that Americans will more readily accept military casualties if the word "victory" is repeated a great many times in public."

"In other words, this was really a National Strategy for Victory at Home. It was classic Bush-think: Instead of bombing the insurgency off the map, he bombs the map -- in lieu of actually fighting the war, a bold strategy, to be sure. But would it work?"

"The point is obvious; Bush's audience was like a guest list for a Monster's Ball of the military-industrial establishment. And even in this crowd full of corporate lawyers, investment bankers, weapons makers, ex-spooks and, for Christ's sake, lobbyists, the president of the United States couldn't cook up more than two tepid applause lines for his Iraq policy -- and one of those was because he was finishing up and, one guesses, freeing the audience to go call their brokers."

"....If the reception at the Omni was stale, that was nothing compared to how it was going over in the White House briefing room. On the day before the Omni speech, I actually worried that gopher-faced administration spokescreature Scott McClellan might be physically attacked by reporters, who appeared ready to give official notice of having had Enough of This Bullshit."

" When a contingent of audibly groaning reporters pressed, McClellan shrugged and tried a new tack: "I'm not going to talk further about intelligence matters of this nature," he said.

A reporter next to me threw his head back in disgust. "Oh, fuckin' A . . ." he whispered. The room broke out into hoots and howls; even the usually dignified Bill Plante of CBS started openly calling McClellan out. "The question you're currently evading is not about an intelligence matter," he hissed."

" On this particular day in the briefing room, it's just more of the same disease. McClellan, a cringing yes-man type who tries to soften the effect of his non- answers by projecting an air of being just as out of the loop as you are, starts pimping lies and crap the moment he enters the room. He's the cheapest kind of political hack, a greedy little bum making a living by throwing his hat on the ground and juggling lemons for pennies."

To read the entire piece go here.

Absurd? Is this the peoples Whitehouse?

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Guest List for a Monsters Ball...gee that says it all doesn't it....keep bloggin't it...I added you to my Blogroll : )

That's a pretty good piece, but...

Change the color on your block quote, I couldn't read the dark greay against the black background without highlighting it.

Sorry if that sounded critical, it's just a little frustrating.

I changed the color. :) As I have not been with this blog for long, I'm still expierimenting with format and such. You may want to recalibrate your monitor though, as the contrast level seems to be a little off. As a graphic artist mine is calibrated using pro tools. I redid it because I realise others may have the same problem. Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate your readership and advice.

woof woof

That's much easier to see. I just thought I'd mention it because it was disappearing on my monitor, and I almost didn't read it.

Much better. It may just be me, but thanks.


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