Left of Center: By Yukkione: Jewelry is bad for everyone... seriously
Jewelry is bad for everyone... seriously
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Time : 11:06 AM

I spent many years in the jewelry business. I know the processes, and means by which gold and gems are acquired. I left the business much as a result of the following information. Gold and gem mining is dirty, and corrupt. The price we pay for vanity/ego is too great. Mining requires the removal of LARGE amounts of earth; it's often then dumped into local streams and rivers. In the case of gold mining, chemicals are often used to derive the gold from the ore it is contained in, chemicals like cyanide . Mining is often done in third world nations where local laws are easy to subvert with enough money. The miners themselves are often mistreated local peoples who work tirelessly in the hope of getting that big find. When it comes to diamonds, you’re really getting ripped off here. The DeBeers Company has a monopoly on all the diamonds in the world; they even buy black market goods in order to maintain control. DeBeers has so many diamonds in storage that the actual value of a one carat diamond could be measures in the tens of dollars instead of the thousands. Before you buy another piece of jewelry please read the following article.

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Comments for Jewelry is bad for everyone... seriously
Jewlery is not bad!! You're just cheap, like Geraldo's brother!

Vanity, thy name is woman. :P

Thanks, this one of so many issues that just goes on cause there is hardly ever any newspeg on which to hang some coverage.

Blood diamonds got some press awhile back, but that's just a tiny tip of the problems.

I saw a PBS documentary once that said they have to move something like a ton of earth for an ounce of gold in some of the newer strip mines. Then they take that earth and push it through a diluted cyanide bath to extract the gold.

And then, they have to remediate all of it.



Who knew? And jewelry is really about the most useless thing I can think of. Yet, women covet it so much. And it costs so much. I will never understand.

Not all women covet jewelry but thanks for educating me on the negative consequences. Isn't there enough existing jewelry to go around?

annieangel probally has alot of Kays jewlery....

Now I will have to explain to Newsguy that NOT all women- real women want or even like jewelery...( he is in California- so it is Where he lives that creates that perception...or illusion.)

( Real women do covet things- but it ain't always What glitters...sigh)

Thanks for writing this...there was a great Frontline on Diamond mining 2 years ago..that was really well done- showed the blackmarket part.

( an as a sleepless soul the amount of geesus and jewelery late at night is so painful....and nauseating..)

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