Left of Center: By Yukkione: We are with you great leader!
We are with you great leader!
Thursday, December 22, 2005
Time : 7:01 AM

The minority was given just four hours to study the 700 page budget before the vote. Even so, the votes were tied, and the Senate President was made to cast the deciding vote. Thanks to his wisdom, our tax breaks have been protected and our budget saved. Once again we shall be hoisted into the firmament on the backs of the poor and what remains of the middle class.

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good one! I still cant believe 2004 (and karl rove) happened !

- archie
  • Posted at 7:11 AM | By Anonymous Anonymous

I got my hopes up when I heard about the defense bill (with ANWR) because I thought THAT was what Cheney flew back from the Middle East for. No such luck as Dr. Evil strikes again.

The four hour element is amazing. I remember reading that in relation to the Patriot act as well as some other legislation.

Is that a new tactic or has that been going on forever?

It has been used in the past by Dems and the GOP. However, the curent bunch of crooks uses it ALOT. They also do things like have votes in the middle of the night, and have sessions of drafting legislature where the doors are actually barred to Democrats. Thing is, many rank and file Republicans who balk at the heavy handed tactics of leadership are threatened with cuts in election funding and other nasty things.

And if the four-hour trick doesn't work, the Republican majority just keeps the vote open in clear violation of the rules for way past deadline, until they can get enough votes to pass legislation. They did this with the Medicare bill. DEms objected, but arrogance and illegality won the day.

newsguy said it best- ignorance and illegality won...thanks for going over and setting annieangel straight on his blog..made me laugh...come over to http://watergatesummer.blogspot.com/ , new post up....about what we need...love your blog...

Thanks for the context, left of center.


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