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What Dick says
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Time : 2:14 PM

Dick Morris...world class gas bag. Why is this guy still given a voice on issues? So now he comes out, and says that talking about the domestic spying issue is bad for Dems. His whole point misses the point. You see Dick Morris is a prime example of what is wrong with people who have a voice in Washington. All he is concerned about is the political aspect of the situation, not the fact that we have a President who broke the law. He's concerned about the perception people might have about democrats being weak on national security. (I hate the term homeland security.. sounds to much like Nazis or Soviets) In my opinion, having a President who dismisses the Constitution is a threat to national security. I really wish Dick would go back to banging high priced hookers and stay out of the political arena.

read the gas bag's comments here.
found this on Drudge...talk about a "bag" of another type. He sure is trying to spin this.

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