Left of Center: By Yukkione: Republicans set to screw the poor again
Republicans set to screw the poor again
Friday, December 16, 2005
Time : 3:25 PM

This requires the proper setting: ok, queue the Empire music from Star Wars....now heavy breathing from Dearth Cheney into Microphone...My fellow Republicans, spending is out of control...the war, the tax cuts, the federal deficit, the trade deficit....something must be done. (cheers and applause is heard from the gallery and the music rises) To this end I propose we cut financial aid to needy students, cut Medicaid the the old and feeble, cut food stamp programs for the hungry. Let them eat cake, or French fries..... Whatever it is THOSE people eat! (the applause reaches a crescendo) Our wealthy patrons will reward us handsomely.

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Comments for Republicans set to screw the poor again
I was just talking with my wife about the propensity of Republicans these days to take away from the poor to reward the rich, and try as we might, we could not get into that mindset.

It is just totally puzzling to us why they would think reverse Robin Hood would be good for the country. And this from an administration that pretends to be followers of Christ.

The only thing we can figure is that it is an example of some kind of mass insanity. I think it is clear that Bush is a criminal sociopath, and somehow the rest of the Republican party, or most of them, are following his psychotic lead.

It is really frightening when you think that Bush is loony and has his finger on the Big Red Button, and has already started a war and has three more years ago. I never felt so insecure before in my life.

And I think that this administration has actually infected the country with a kind of psychological virus that makes a lot of people terribly uneasy. We are going through a long national nightmare.

And the tax cuts and the social service cuts and the war and the incompetence and the criminality are all symptoms of the disease that has taken hold of this country.

Of course I meant three more years to go. Maybe it was just wishful thinking that Bush was three years ago.

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