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No Plan
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Time : 8:18 AM

Lt. General Blum is frustrated. You see, he is responsible for seeing that US National guard forces are ready to defend the country, respond to disasters such as hurricane Katrina, and terrorist attacks. The problem according to General Blum is that he has no equipment left. Whenever national guard units are sent to Iraq or Afghanistan they take all there equipment with them. It is then left there, for the next group. So, the troops left here at home are left without equipment.. Equipment like trucks, humvees, night vision goggles, armor, weapons, radios, and other communication equipment. According to general Blum, there is no plan to replenish these critical supplies. No Plan... that seems to be the credo of the people running the wars we have going now. Oh they TALK, about the plan, but time and time again we see there really is no plan.

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Yeah, that was the big issue during Katrina. It wasn't so much that 35% of the La Nat Guard were in Iraq, personnel from other areas could have filled the gap, albeit a day later and without local knowledge.

The problem was that all their equipment was there. There were no replacements for the La. Guard's amphibious vehicles which were in Iraq. No replacement for their pre-staged communication equipment.

And, even if we were to bring it all back tomorrow, there will be years of repair/replacement until everything is back the way it was.


When I was in the service, anytime we deployed somewhere, (say a certain central american country) we always left the heavy equipment. Sand, Heat, use, all wear out the equipment, and make it not worth bringing back. Anyone who has served knows this. Problem is, that so many people making military decisions never served or barely served. (Dick Cheney on Vietnam, "...I had better things to do.")

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