Left of Center: By Yukkione: To bad for you
To bad for you
Thursday, December 15, 2005
Time : 3:04 PM

Apparently, many Hurricane Katrina victims will have more problems to deal with. While researching another travesty concerning families of the Louisiana gulf coast, I encountered this little ditty. Because of this countries other war.... the war on drugs, laws were passed that prevent anyone with a drug conviction to get most any kind of government aid, to include money, housing and education. This not only is denied the actual offender, but the whole family of the offender. Hence, families trying to return to their homes, and get some help are being denied. Even if the said offences occurred years ago. These laws affect the poor and the lower middle class more than anyone else, as they are least able to defend themselves in court and are most often targeted by law enforcement because there is a higher prosecution rate. The more affluent, who can afford the drugs are rarely caught, and rarely prosecuted. Once again politicians with knee jerk reactions to social problems, create a law enforcement solution... a solution that is wrong, shortsighted and ultimately detrimental to the society they were trying to protect. Please read the original story here.

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