Left of Center: By Yukkione: We have a deal, or do we?
We have a deal, or do we?
Thursday, December 15, 2005
Time : 4:07 PM

So John McCain and George Bush came to an agreement on torture, in press conference it was " a done deal". However, Republican Duncan Hunter has just come out and said he will oppose it. He wants to make sure that US soldiers, agents and contractors are protected from prosecution. I strongly believe this was all part of the Whitehouse plan. Bush has agreed to the arraignment, knowing full well that Hunter would reject it.

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Comments for We have a deal, or do we?
Not a bad guess that this is part of the plan, that way Bush seems reasonable on the torture issue, while secure seat Hunter can continue to fight the battle.

I'm relly pretty sure that the whole bog down is on the immunity for past acts. If McCain's version holds, CIA officers could claim a defense that they believed they were following a lawful order. Implicit in that is that you would have to go up the chain to figure out who changed the unlawful order into a lawful one.

And that, I think, is why the whitehouse is so dead set on the immunity piece of the legislation.


Your right on past acts Mike. Dont forget.. not only CIA officers, but these "private" contractors. Thats where the issue starts getting murky. We have all kinds of yahoos running around over there.

I'd forgotten about the "contractors."

Oh my. How does the law apply if illegal orders were given to outside parties?

Also, this could lead to civil lawsuits which would mean a semi public airing of all this.

Good thought.


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