Left of Center: By Yukkione: A Christmas Letter to Jerry Falwell
A Christmas Letter to Jerry Falwell
Monday, December 12, 2005
Time : 7:34 AM

The Rev. Barry W. Lynn Writes an open letter to Gods emissary Jerry Falwell.

"seems the REAL war on Christmas is actually being waged by those proclaiming it"

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Comments for A Christmas Letter to Jerry Falwell
The interesting thing to me is that this "war on christmas" has spawned a more open discussion among the more mainstream christian press regarding Christmas.

Several tidbits keep coming up. Dec. 25th is a completely arbitrary date, and almost all of the customs from trees and greenery to givt giving all stem from pre existing pagan holidays.

Not really news, but the "Christmas debate" is making many christians discuss the fallacy of what Christmas really is.

After all, the solemnity of that midnight service is somewhat ridiculous once you take into account that dec. 25th is an arbitrary day.


Your right, early Christians were great salesman, they incorporated aspects of local traditions wherever they spread their beleifs.Including the dates of most of their most "holy" days.

t's all Bill O'Reilly's campaign for better ratings. I don't know if it has won him better numbers. But O'Reilly started it.

Did he see that Red State Christians were getting defensive about their faith? Or did he see a wedge opportunity here to exploit? Or what? It is a mystery to me how he saw his opportunity here. Even O'Reilly says that 95% of Americans celebrate Christmas, but he says Christmas is under attack by liberals.

Poor beleagured put-upon Christians, being so marginalized and persecuted by all us mean nasty liberals.

That right-wing cartoon duck Mallard Fillmore today vowed not to shop at Wal-mart because they wish their customers Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. So O'Reilly's campaign isn't all bad.

But I do think the Merry Christmas campaign is a way to change the subject from the war and the post-Katrina inaction and the economy, all of which should be embarrassments to this administration and the people who voted for Bush.

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