Left of Center: By Yukkione: Scooter and all things fucked up
Scooter and all things fucked up
Wednesday, July 04, 2007
Time : 11:21 AM

So Bush has given Scooter a get out of jail free ticket. That’s to be expected... after all these folks look after their own. (when it suits them) After all, he only mislead, he didn’t actually release the Plame details. What gets our gall is that this is just another obfuscation of the law by the Bush administration. Another technicality… Another grey area… another judgment call. Didn’t Lil Kim go to jail for lying to a jury? Oh, I forgot, she's black. Speaking of justice for minorities... a young man named Wilson languishes in jail for getting a blowjob, and two border guards are in jail for shooting a Mexican drug mule. Nobody in position to help these people, (including the President) has done one damned thing. Justice is for the connected, the wealthy, the Hilton. Welcome to the Grand Imperial Age of America.

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Libby was scheduled to have Rove and Cheney testify in his case, but instead his attorneys closed the case with out Libby, Cheney or Rove taking the stand in his defense. Then, when it appears Libby will have to sit in jail awaiting his appeal, in a matter of hours he gets a commutation, with out the prerequisite time spent needed for a commutation.

There wasn't a full pardon so Libby wouldn't have to testfy in Joe Wilson's lawsuit, but wait before Bush leaves office, this felon will be completely cleared by Bush's pen.

Both correct.

Don't forget Marc Rich. What's a few dozen counts of tax evasion when Switzerland beckons, and you can have your ex-wife square matters with a half-million or so donation to a Presidential Library in Little Rock?

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