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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Time : 1:54 PM

Well, I did this post hastily and for some reason the links and stuff didnt post properly. Gtreat comments though.

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Comments for Blog Against Theocracy
I think something is missing. I see no post, only a title. This morning has been sucky so far so I'm probably at fault on this too. I would go into details but it's not worth discussion. Just one of those days.

I'm glad more people are blogging against Sharia law. Republics like the UK, Canada, the United States, Australia, et cetera are much, much better than dark age regimes like Iran, which hang homosexuals, stone adulterers, and give the death penalty for apostasy.

Perhaps Mr. Bowden is missing the point. If we left it up to the conservatives in America, this country would also hang homosexuals, stone adulterers, and give the death penalty for apostasy.

Oh BTW Shill, we're you at?

Hey, shill.


That kind of moral equivalence typed above is paranoid and unintellectual.

I'm not a member of any religion myself, and even I can see the difference between Ned Flanders and Osama bin Laden.

Shill? Whats going on?

Hey glad you participated in BAT even if only by title! Quite a list at the site, Blue Gal and co. did a great job. What a swarm!

Come out and make freakin contact.

You wrote something on the Ex-Christian site, that said: "What a laughable post!"

It had to do with "primitive belief and magical thinking" that you state "that the very basis of a god belief itself is unsubstantiated!" Perhaps it is in your own mind; and that may have been as a result of your own experiences in life, that you are not a believer now.

I invite you to look at this one more piece of evidence. In the Rev.(Apoc) 22:11, it explains that at the end of the world, there will still be TWO LOST (the UNjustified-UNchosen, and the Filthy-UNchosen). But in that same verse, at the end of time there will be TWO TYPES 'SAVED' (The CHOSEN-RIGHTEOUS and the CHOSEN-HOLY)!

Why are those 'first' two still LOST and never able to LIVE with God in the future?

Ahhhh! It's that they have NOT been "Enabled" by Jesus to believe and receive Him. It is HE that is the 'qualifier', not us (1 Tim. 1:12)! Only those so "Enabled" by Christ (as was done to the one repentant thief on his cross alongside Jesus) will be able to believe and receive Christ into their lives (like the Righteous and Holy ones).

What if it's ALL true, and you just turned your back on it because you cannot understand it all? What if at the final resurrection of the dead at the "White Throne" judgement of the LOST, you were told: "Didn't Rudy tell you this same thing, and that it's all true?"

Whichever way you answered then, it's already too late! You will be sent to a place that has been 'reserved' for you, elsewhere than where I am scheduled to go.

There's MORE evidence that the Bible is true, and dictated by God throughout; in the following...


See the "CHOSEN"Code and "COLOR"Code; VISIT:

http://quadcode.blogspot.com !

Save or Print it to study. It's quite different that what you've seen before. It shows us in 'real mechanical terms' HOW God works in our lives!

I wonder...will I see you 'there at The Table of The Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven' alongside me? Read ALL about it!

Yours, IN Christ JESUS...



Rudy Wellsand, ah yes... you're the delusional, magical thinker that talks about hidden codes in the Bible and other judeo christian text. The same "algorithms" were also applyed to Moby Dick and Mein Khamp with amazing results. Listen my little Christian appologist buddy. You're bush league... the bible can't prove the bible true, and circular logic is flawed. Your cognitive dissodence is something you need to address soon. Help is available.
Signs You're a Fundamentalist Christian
You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of yours. You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people evolved from other life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical claim that we were created from dirt. You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a Triune God.

dear left,
your pic didn't arise, only a red 'x'. but i get it, that you are making comparisions of civil liberties.

Well, civil liberties in the US have been slipping for a number of years. At a time when the US claims to be inclusive it wants to take away the citizenship of homosexuals. At a time when America is busily trying to "modernize" the geopolitical region of the Middle East, we are also arresting and charging women who defend themselves in their own homes against abusive men, while the abuse men go free without a charge.

nice site!

Hmm I guess you are not into talking these days. And I'm surprised...why?

Regardless of the ideas you have, I dont think its a question of belief versus disbelief. I think we can let others live as they want. Its only the intrusion or theocratic matters that are public matters to debate. Not what people in their own homes minding their own business believe.

WHats it to you? Why do you care if some people feel comforted? Some people feel comforted by the false belief that their loved ones truly give a shit when they dont as well.
Much of what we find comfort in is based on falsehood but you have yet to make a case for why that IN ITSELF is so bad.

What, stops people from being strong good humans? Many atheists who wrestle so admirably with things suck ass as well. They are not billboards for stength. Effort is what you make of it.

We ALL have delusions. And we all foster them. Some far more than others, but I think that crutches are there even if not necessarily spiritual.

Where has your superiority gotten you? Where has intolerance gotten you? What does it do for anyone to judge others? Very little.

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