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Dawkins Foundation
Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Time : 11:51 AM

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Comments for Dawkins Foundation
Your site is getting stuck on load with your link to teambio- at least twenty seconds of trying to load something from them. Maybe that doesn't happen alot but it seems to when I come.

Thanks for posting the vid. I didn't know you were posting again.

thats very odd. I havent changed my settings. hmm

loaded ok for me. enjoyed this post too. Don't see enough from you these days...

Well obviously if a person links to another site, it depends on the speed of that server which changes. It can change depending on traffic there, time of day, whatever. Sometimes people have images from photo hosts that take a while, or sitemeter sticks, or whatever people have in their template set to load with the site.

If Bring It On is busy, it will hold up the loading of your site, displaying "connecting to teambio" at the bottom of the browser.

It really has nothing to do with your settings. It has to do with the server that hosts whatever is loading.

I was just pointing it out since some people might not know what the wait is.

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