Left of Center: By Yukkione: Ted Stevens: Idiot Congressman
Ted Stevens: Idiot Congressman
Saturday, January 06, 2007
Time : 1:36 PM

Apparently Ted Stevens; the guy who thinks the internet is a series of tubes, wants to lend his expertise to writing more legislation that tax and regulates it. Once again he also does this on the sly by trying to bury the fine print in other legislation. God I wish this jerk off would just pop a blood vessel and become a vegetable.
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Comments for Ted Stevens: Idiot Congressman
Yes we need to tax the internet so clowns like Stevens can continue to have funds for earmarks for bridges to nowhere.

Not just that but he just doesnt get what the internet is. It's like talking about M theory with fundementalists.

hey - your wish just might come true...

these old farts haffta die off soon -- remember they decided not to let us use stem cells for research....which might have lead to prolonging their lives...

He is like a stick in my brain every time I see him or hear him. Nine times out of ten he has no fucking clue to what he's talking about and his grandest wish is to drill the hell out of every inch of land possible. He is the definition of a old fool.

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