Left of Center: By Yukkione: White Flags.... White Lies
White Flags.... White Lies
Friday, December 09, 2005
Time : 11:28 AM

Here is the video The GOP is distributing online. (fellow Firefox users use the link to the left to see video) Intended to use as a backdrop for Republicans as they tow the line, and fire off monotonous diatribes about staying the course in Iraq. Of course, they take all the Democratic dialog out of context. "Oh, don't talk about leavingIraq! Our troops might be listening and think we are abandoning them!". "Our troops need our support!". Yes, as a matter of fact our troops DO need our support.. They need to know we will bring them home as soon as possible. If 20 million plus Iraqis cant secure their own country by now against 10,000 or so insurgents.. then they NEVER will be able to! Of course we could never think that maybe, it's all about securing the oil.. Our sons and daughters couldn't have been used for that...... or could they?

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