Left of Center: By Yukkione: How Rosy is your economy?
How Rosy is your economy?
Monday, December 05, 2005
Time : 11:59 AM

Today President Bush will give yet another speech on how great the economy is. He'll quote some specific numbers, say how many jobs the economy has added, and use the usual litany of Bushisms we all have heard a million times. He'll gesture broadly, lean over the podium, and have that pained, desperate smile plastered on his face that we see him wear when things are tough. Trent Duffy, White House deputy press secretary, said Bush would say that Americans have every reason to be optimistic and discuss "how often in history Americans have been told our best days are behind us." Well, I would say that at no other time have we been faced with the challenges we face now. Challenges, that our leaders have thoughtlessly created for us because of their greed, shortsightedness, and lack of vision. We owe Billions to China. China!! What the hell would Reagan think of that?! Our largest retailer buys Chinese goods by the hundreds of millions. Meanwhile, the Chinese are having the largest military buildup in the history of the world, thanks to us. Our healthcare system is still broken, and hasn't even been a topic for the Republicans in charge. My family pays a huge portion of our earnings to maintain our coverage, and over 40 million other families have no coverage. Republican are so determined to have private schools be the mainstream, they are willing to ruin and bankrupt the public school system to make it happen. As other industrial nations keep outpacing us in education we will continue to fall behind in the global market. We will become a nation of landscapers, Wal-Mart employees, and lawyers. Left to Republicans, our best days are behind us.

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