Left of Center: By Yukkione: Torture me softly
Torture me softly
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
Time : 11:09 PM

So President Bush is against torture... at least that's what he says. So why does the person in the White House who actually makes the decisions condone it? Dick Cheney has fought hard to get the Congress to vote against the proposed law to ban torture. Dick Cheney is evil, pure and simple. Dick Cheney may think he is acting in the best interest of the U.S, but he is so far removed from reality that his judgment is clouded. George Bush never had reality to be removed from. That's why he was selected/chosen. Because with the proper handling he was elect able. Because people could get their agendas moving. Because he wouldn't impede the flow of events as planned by Neocons. It's time George Bush woke up and took his job back. It's time he said goodbye to his Crawford property, and really took the business of running the country seriously. It's time he cleaned house and got people that were qualified, sober, and moral.

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